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Discrimination & Hostile Environment

Discrimination Lawyer

Protecting Employee Rights in Virginia

At The Labor and Employment division of Pierce / McCoy, we represent employees who have experienced workplace discrimination, as well as those who have been retaliated against for reporting illegal or discriminatory acts by their employers. To learn about your legal rights and options as an employee, contact an employment attorney in Virginia today.

Workplace Discrimination

Federal law makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate on the basis of any of the following:

We understand that discrimination is rarely overt. It is more typically evidenced by conduct and decisions made by supervisors who have hidden discriminatory views.  Individuals who have experienced any example of employee discrimination should talk to an employment attorney in Virginia about their legal options. We have successfully represented numerous employees through EEOC proceedings. If you have been demoted, denied a promotion, or fired based on race, sex, or any of the reasons cited above, we will help you understand your legal protections and work to preserve your employment rights. We will also work to hold your employer responsible for engaging in illegal workplace behavior.

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