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Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination Lawyer

In today’s workforce, too many employers view older workers as costs to be reduced, rather than valued resources. Older workers generally have more experience and knowledge. They may also earn higher salaries and may incur greater health care costs. As a result, age discrimination is one of the most common forms of illegal workplace discrimination. If you have reason to believe that you were terminated, demoted or denied a promotion based on your age, it is essential to speak to a skilled employment lawyer.

The Labor and Employment division of Pierce / McCoy has successfully represented people across Norfolk, Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas in all types of workplace discrimination claims, including age discrimination claims. Our attorneys have the experience and insight you need to take decisive action, while providing a high level of client service and attention.

Employment Attorneys Fighting Age Discrimination Claims In Virginia Beach And Beyond

Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), workers at age 40 and above are protected from discriminatory practices in the workforce. In short, this means working people age 40 and older cannot suffer any type of adverse employment action based on their age.

Our law firm, understands that your employer may have some kind of excuse to show why it took adverse action against you. For example, your employer may have given you negative performance reviews after many years of positive performance reviews. In every case we accept, we will fully investigate your case in order to prove the true reason for your termination, demotion or other negative action.

Our Norfolk and Virginia Beach area age discrimination attorneys will be ready to negotiate the best possible resolution to your age discrimination claim. While most of our cases do settle out of court, we will also be ready to make a strong case at trial when necessary.

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