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Federal Sector EEOC Complaints

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Federal law protects employees who work in the federal sector from discrimination. An employee who faces discrimination in the workplace, or who experiences retaliation or reprisal for filing a complaint, participating in an EEO action, or opposing discrimination, may bring a claim against the Agency through the federal sector division of the EEOC. Our firm routinely represents federal employees who face discrimination and/or retaliation in the workplace through the federal sector EEO process.

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Federal sector EEO investigations tend to be technical and complicated. At the conclusion of the investigation, the employee has the option to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, which permits the employee to enter litigation against the Agency. At virtually all phases of the case, the Agency is typically represented by an attorney – and sometimes multiple attorneys – who may serve you with discovery requests, take your deposition, and/or attempt to have your case dismissed at some point in the proceeding.

It is strongly recommended that you level the playing field by retaining a law firm familiar with prosecuting federal sector EEO case. If you believe you have been discriminated against or are facing retaliation, or if you have already initiated a complaint through the federal sector EEO process, you should contact an employment law attorney from our firm.

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