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Merit Systems Protection Board Appeals

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Federal employees may challenge certain disciplinary actions and proposed removals through an appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board. MSPB proceedings move at a rapid pace and often involve complex issues. However, the appeal process is typically the employee’s only opportunity to have the government’s action overturned.

Representing Federal Employees Facing Disciplinary Action

Before formal disciplinary action can be taken against a federal employee, the Agency must provide the employee with proposed disciplinary action, at which point your legal rights begin. In most cases, you have the right to review the evidence and respond to the allegations against you both in writing and in a formal meeting with the Agency’s decisionmaker. Your response to the proposed action is crucial, and can have a significant impact on the Agency’s ultimate decision on your case.

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Should the Agency attempt to remove you from the federal service, demote you, or suspend you for a period of 14 days or longer, you have the right to appeal the Agency’s disciplinary action to the Merit Systems Protection Board., where your case will be heard in a trial-like setting before an Administrative Law Judge. U.S. Federal Courts have noted the procedural complexity of MSPB cases, and with your federal career potentially on the line, it is important that you enter litigation against the Agency with quality legal representation.

If you find yourself in the midst of a charge or pre-action investigation, you need a skilled federal employment lawyer to protect your rights.

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