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Federal whistleblowers keep our government transparent. They save the taxpayers billions of dollars every year, and they keep our officials honest by refusing to engage in prohibited activity.

A federal employee who believes his/her supervisor has committed a violation of a law, rule, or regulation, or who believes the Agency is engaging in fraud, waste, or abuse, may report the government official to either the Inspector General or to the Office of Special Counsel.

Whistleblower Attorneys for Federal Employees

The Whistleblower Protection Act protects an employee who reports prohibited activity from retaliation or reprisal. An employee who experiences retaliation in the form of a “personnel action” may bring a claim of reprisal against the Agency by initiating a complaint with the Office of Special Counsel. In sum, in order to make a claim under the Whistleblower Protection Act, the employee must show (1) that she engaged in whistleblowing by making a protected disclosure, and (2) that her disclosure was a contributing factor in the agency’s decision to take personnel action against her.

Whistleblower protections for federal employees are quite broad. In 2012, Congress passed the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act in order to provide even greater protections for potential whistleblowers. Perhaps one of the more significant changes to the law under the 2012 amendments is that the law now provides protection to the federal employee who calls out his supervisor for engaging in wrongful conduct.

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At The Labor and Employment division of Pierce / McCoy, our attorneys represent federal employees through a wide range of cases, including advising and representing employees through whistleblower actions.

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