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Norfolk Unemployment Benefits Attorney | Pierce McCoy, PLLCUnemployment benefits are a financial lifeline for many millions of Americans. For people who have lost their job, unemployment benefits can fill the financial void left by a missing paycheck. Oftentimes, employers will falsely claim that an employee was terminated due to misconduct in order to keep unemployment insurance premiums low. If your former employer is challenging your eligibility for unemployment benefits, consider talking to our Virginia employment attorneys. We have represented individuals in numerous hearings before the Virginia Employment Commission, and he has enjoyed a strong track record in successfully obtaining unemployment benefits for our clients.

Virginia Beach Unemployment Compensation Attorneys

Norfolk Unemployment Benefits Attorney | Pierce McCoy, PLLCThe Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) will deny unemployment benefits if it has reason to believe that you were fired for misconduct, or if you quit your job without good cause. If the VEC denies your claim for benefits on these grounds, you have the right to appeal this decision. Our Norfolk unemployment benefits lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of Virginia’s unemployment laws and the procedures for working through the appeals process. We take on dozens of hearings before the VEC each year, so we can readily grasp how these laws apply to your situation.

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