We Help Businesses See Around Corners

Like you, we bring hard work, skill, and creativity to everything we do. Our job is to protect your business so that you can focus on running and growing your business. We do this by seeing around corners for you to identify your risks. We do this by helping companies manage their employment practices effectively, in light of the constantly shifting legal landscape. And we do this by protecting your business when disputes arise by applying the same creativity, care, and attention to detail to the matter that you apply to our own business. 

Unlike most employment law teams, our team has experience representing both individuals and companies; both plaintiffs and defendants. Whereas most employment groups only know how to tear down the house, we know how to build the house too. And, knowing how plaintiffs think, build, and prosecute claims – as our business clients have learned – gives us a unique perspective in protecting your business. Whereas most employment teams know one side of the chess board, we see both at the same time. This is our advantage. It should be your advantage too.

What We Do

What Our Virginia Employment Lawyers Can Do to Help Your Business

While employment-related disputes are not new, they are becoming more prevalent in today’s environment. As a result, it is now more important than ever for companies to make sure they are doing things correctly. From avoiding allegations of harassment and discrimination to navigating challenging issues related to wage and hour laws and reasonable accommodations, we help business leaders make sound decisions with their companies’ best interests in mind. 

Whether your company needs up-to-date employment policies and procedures, you are facing an employment-related dispute, or you are looking to engage employment counsel to represent your company on an ongoing basis, we can help. We work with an extremely broad range of companies in the Richmond, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach areas, and we provide custom-tailored advice and solutions so that businesses can see around corners. 

So, what can we do for your business?

Create Policies, Procedures & Handbooks

Adopting appropriate policies, procedures and handbooks helps mitigate companies’ employment-related risk. Spending a little now can result in substantial savings down the line. 


Audit for Liability Risks & Compliance

Understanding where your company’s risks lie is critical for making informed decisions. Engaging a law firm to conduct an audit also provides a defense to liability in employment-related litigation.

Hiring, Performance Management, and Termination Advice

All employment-related decisions require careful decision-making. We help our clients avoid making decisions that have the potential to put their finances (and reputations) in jeopardy.

Define Your Risk Tolerance & Avoid Liability

Not all companies’ needs are alike. We can help you understand what risks make sense (and what risks don’t) in light of your company’s workforce, operations and compliance obligations.

Legal Advice

Do you have employment-related questions? Do you want to make sure you are guiding your company forward, and not leading it astray? Our Virginia employment lawyers can provide the legal advice you need.


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Although we work hard to help our clients avoid litigation. In some situations, litigation is inevitable. When that happens, we work quickly, creatively, and efficiently to resolve or dispose of the claim. And, in those instances when a quick solution cannot be achieved, we take the case to the mat. 

Speak with a Virginia Employment Lawyer in Confidence

For more information about what we do for businesses, please contact us to arrange an initial consultation. To speak with one of our experienced Virginia employment lawyers in confidence, call 757-304-6655 or request a call online today.