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Your Work is
More Than A Job.

It’s your career, your creation, or your business in which you have heavily invested substantial portions of your time, energy, education, and capital. What if you suddenly find this investment threatened, at risk, or wrongly taken away? That’s where we come in.

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We provide legal solutions to your employment problems.

We represent individuals who have been wronged in their work or who are seeing the wheels being placed in motion to remove them from their work. We help businesses see around corners to assess risk, limit potential liabilities, or navigate complex legal issues that have already arisen in the workplace.

We are precise, diligent, and creative.

We carefully guide our clients through the legal process. We are frank in setting expectations because you deserve to know the full picture of your situation. We will discuss a range of potential solutions with you. And, once a gameplan is set in place,  we go after it with focus and dedication with the aim of protecting you every step of the way. After all, our job is to protect you. And our Virginia employment lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to do just that: Represent individuals and businesses in a diverse scope of employment law matters.

We believe in doing things the right way.

The Labor and Employment team at Pierce / Jewett believes in doing things the right way. This means our workplace attorneys will meticulously prepare your case and provide you with personalized service throughout the entire course of our representation.

Why Choose
Pierce / Mccoy

Our Philosophy


We are committed to representing – and protecting – both individuals and businesses, and the employees who make those businesses successful. Our goal is to protect your interests – whether that be your reputation, your access to future opportunities, or your financial bottom line. The Labor and Employment team at Pierce / Jewett believes in changing the employment legal industry. When helping business, this means we act as part of our client’s team in an “outsourced general counsel” role. With lower overhead and a smaller administrative staff, we focus on long-term client relationships by providing simplicity, predictability, and prioritizing the client’s goals, rather than our own.


The Labor and Employment team at Pierce / Jewett attorneys dedicate our firm’s knowledge and resources to guiding our clients through the numerous bodies of law implicated by their objectives and hurdles.

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The Labor and Employment team at Pierce / Jewett supports various non-profits and faith-based ministries. We also provide pro bono services as part of our investment in our community.

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Innovation is a threat to the old-school way of lawyering, but it’s how we do business. The Labor and Employment division of Pierce / Jewett recognizes the value of innovation and generates innovative strategies to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

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Experience You Need.
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Our employment lawyers are dedicated to working with individuals and businesses in Norfolk, Richmond, Virginia Beach, and all throughout Virginia. Our Virginia employment law attorneys are a highly focused team, and we are selective about the cases that we take on, which ensures every legal matter at our firm receives the time and attention it – and you – deserve. We know that you are counting on us, and we are prepared to put forth our best effort to secure a winning result in your case.

Meet Our Virginia Employment Attorneys

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Josh Jewett, Esq
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Ben Johnson, Esq
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Joel White
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Matthias Kaseorg
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Aaron Siegrist

What Our Clients Say

“[My case was] handled aggressively and competently by Josh Jewett and his associates. In turn, I prevailed and feel as though I was “made whole” because of the diligence of this legal team. “

E. Fischer

“I found Joshua to be highly organized and creative in resolving challenges pertaining to employment law. More importantly, Joshua demonstrated a level of personal dedication that allowed us to see the case to a successful conclusion.”

P. Strait

“Josh [was] patient, thorough, and candid with his legal advice. My experience could not have been any better with this practice.”

R Hamilton

“Clear, concise, and straightforward answers.”

G. Harris

“Pierce Jewett PLLC was honest [with] me from the day I obtained their services through my case’s resolution. They gave me accurate and authentic assessments of my case with advice that was ethical.”

A. Matthews

“Josh is very intelligent and comes across with knowledge of the law, that wasn’t questionable at our time in court when it counted the most.”

A. Brennell

“When I thought I had no options, they came up with one and it worked.”

J. Cain
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Helping Where
It Counts

We live and work here too. Pierce / Jewett is headquartered in Norfolk with offices in Richmond, New York, and Austin. Every day we work with successful entrepreneurs, skilled executives, and industry leaders, and we can help you too. Our attorneys are ready to take efficient, decisive action for our clients in a broad range of employment cases, and we encourage you to reach out to us to schedule a call to learn more. 

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