We believe that the application of these two qualities in your work should keep you on a trajectory of progress in your career. And we believe that it’s not right when this trajectory is interrupted or taken away altogether due to no fault of your own or due to a lack of fairness in your workplace. This is where we come in.

What We Do

What Our Virginia Employment Lawyers Can Do to Help You

Like you, we bring hard work, skill, and creativity to everything we do. We do this by navigating your matter with your goals and the bigger picture always in mind. We do this by outworking our opponents. And we do this by providing the same care and attention-to-detail to your legal situation that you would apply if you were handling your own case.

While we routinely represent those toward the upper echelon of the labor economy, some of our most rewarding work has been helping the pipe layer called the n-word on the construction site, the group of laborers denied overtime, or the lower-level supervisor denied equal pay for equal work. And, in accordance with the ethos of our various faith backgrounds, we also provide pro bono appointments for individuals who are unable to afford our services. 

We are Virginia employment attorneys who are passionate about using our knowledge and experience to help others in their times of need. So, what can we do for you?

Prosecute Your Case

We are litigators. We prosecute employment claims – either informally or through court proceedings – for individuals and groups of individuals who have seen their work taken away unfairly, who are owed compensation, or who otherwise have a legal claim.

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Disciplinary Actions for Government Employees

Government employees have legal rights beyond those afforded to employees in the private sector, and that includes the right to legally challenge some disciplinary actions. We represent government employees in these settings who are facing disciplinary action.

Employment Agreements

It is not unusual for executives and professionals to be given various types of employment agreements upon being hired or let go, which can include restrictive covenants making it difficult to move on or to start your own business.

Fight for Fair Compensation

From paid leave to overtime, from stock options to LTIPs for executives, and to obtaining equal pay for equal work, compensation disputes can involve a broad range of issues. We are familiar with these issues, and we know what it takes to resolve them in our clients’ favor.

Navigate an Internal Investigation

If you are the subject of an internal investigation, you can be sure that the investigator is not on your side. It is critical that you have counsel help you navigate the chess board in these dealings, and we routinely help individuals who are under investigation.

Legal Advice

In many cases, making informed decisions starts with gaining a clear understanding of your legal rights. Some individuals simply need us to simply reframe a difficult situation in light of the legal landscape and provide advice on either a one-time or ongoing basis.