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Does Your Business Have What it Needs to Avoid Unnecessary Liability?

When it comes to mitigating liability in the employment realm, an ounce of prevention is easily worth a pound of cure. In today’s age, the constant rollout of new regulations and statutes – and new judicial decisions that modify those regulations and statutes – makes it nearly impossible for companies to maintain compliance in this shifting legal landscape. And, failure to keep up with these evolving requirements can spark litigation and expose companies to liability. 

By taking proactive steps to protect themselves, prevent issues, and ensure that they can identify any issues that arise, businesses can drastically reduce their risk of liability in employment-related litigation.While this may be easier said than done, proactive risk mitigation is undoubtedly less time-consuming, less costly and less risky than waiting to see what happens. In fact, with the right legal counsel, it can be a relatively straightforward process.

How We Help Businesses Mitigate Their Employment-Related Risk

This is where we come in. When it comes to mitigating employment-related risk, there are a few key strategies that businesses need to employ. These are: implementing custom-tailored practices and policies, seeking legal advice when necessary, and conducting internal audits (and responding appropriately).

Developing Custom-Tailored Practices and Policies

When it comes to business policies and handbooks, a one-size-fits-all approach is not only disservice to the client, but it’s also legally dangerous, as different regulations impact different industries. Rather than give you a template, we work with our business clients to develop custom-tailored practices and policies. Our attorneys get to know our clients’ operations and risks, and then we craft documentation consistent with the client’s goals and culture, while also ensuring full compliance with the most recent laws and regulations that impact the business.. We then assist our business clients with implementing their new practices and policies as well—as effective implementation is just as important as careful drafting when it comes to risk mitigation.

While each business’s needs are truly unique, their needs tend to fall into the same broad categories. This is simply down to the nature of employment law, as most state and federal statutes apply to a broad range of employers and provide broad protections for their employees. Thus, in most cases, our efforts to prepare practices and policies focus on issues such as:

  • Complying with workplace safety standards
  • Ensuring compliance with wage and hour laws
  • Ensuring compliance with paid leave laws
  • Hiring and termination procedures
  • Preventing harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • EEO Policies
  • Whistleblowing
  • Pay practices
  • Employee Privacy Compliance
  • Record retention
  • Accommodation and leave policies
  • Preventing retaliation
  • Security and privacy compliance

Employment Law Counseling

Even with appropriate practices and policies in place, issues will still arise from time to time. When they do, business owners and executives need to make informed decisions based on sound legal advice. The Virginia employment attorneys in the Labor and Employment division of Pierce / Jewett have extensive experience counseling employers; and, once we get to know your business, we can not only advise you regarding pending issues but also help you anticipate and prevent issues before they arise.

Internal Audits and Audit Response

Conducting internal audits is a highly-effective means of mitigating employment-related risk. When business owners know what they need to know, they can make informed decisions with their company’s and shareholders’ best interests in mind. On the other hand, when they don’t, they themselves can become liabilities.

We regularly conduct and oversee internal audits for our clients. Following these audits, we advise our clients regarding any necessary next steps and changes that need to bring the company into compliance and minimize legal exposure. We do this, at all times, with your objectives in mind so as to minimize any potential disruption to your business.

Let’s Talk about Your Business’s Employment-Related Risks

Is your business managing its employment-related risks effectively? Or, is there more that could (and should) be done? To discuss your business’s needs with an experienced Virginia employment lawyer in confidence, call us at 757-624-9323 or inquire online today.