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Richmond Executive Employment Lawyers Serving Virginia

Key employees, decision-makers, and executives are rarely terminated without warning. More often, you can see the wheels placed in motion to remove you from your job before you are discharged or forced out. Regardless of the legitimacy of the termination, employers will expend substantial time and resources developing a record to show cause for involuntary separation.

If you are a key employee and you have reason to believe you are being forced out of your position, a Virginia employment attorney can be an invaluable ally. At The Labor and Employment division of Pierce / Jewett, our law firm offers insightful representation to employees in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and across the region. We have represented individuals in a variety of positions facing difficult circumstances, including:

  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • vice presidents of both regional and national companies
  • physicians
  • senior sales personnel
  • university deans
  • decision-making officials in the federal, state, and city government

Richmond Executive Employment Lawyers Serving Executive Employees In Virginia 

At The Labor and Employment division of Pierce / Jewett, our employment attorneys in Virginia are prepared to intervene at the earliest possible opportunity. We understand that the higher up the ladder you are, the more complicated your situation is, including the often-sensitive nature of the interpersonal relationships with those who matter in your case.

We can advise you through the Company’s investigation. And, if need be, we can help you with an exit strategy, including a negotiated severance package to help you transition to your next position.

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