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Representing Employers and Employees Before, During, and After Terminations

The end of the employment relationship is fraught with issues for both the employer and the employee. While most employment relationships end without incident, miscues before, during and after the termination process can present risks for both parties.

We represent employers and employees in Virginia in connection with terminations—with particular emphasis on cases involving severance agreements and allegations of discrimination or retaliation. Our combined experience helping both employers and employees enables us to see both sides of the chessboard when navigating the termination process.

Termination with a Severance Agreement

In many cases, it will be in both the employer’s and the employee’s best interests to negotiate a severance agreement. These agreements can serve several purposes; and, when structured and drafted appropriately, they can provide clear guidance with no room for interpretation. We draft and negotiate severance agreements for employers and employees; and, when doing so, we take a custom-tailored approach that focuses on the unique facts and circumstances at hand.

Termination Involving Allegations of Discrimination or Retaliation

Some terminations involve allegations of discrimination or retaliation. We represent employers and employees in these cases as well, and we have had significant success on both sides of termination disputes involving these allegations. While employees are entitled to clear protections, employers also have clear legal rights. Regardless of the client we are representing, we take a comprehensive, detail-oriented approach to protecting our client’s interests to the fullest extent possible.

What We Do

Representation for Employers

We provide full-service representation for employers in termination-related matters. Our services for employers include:

  • Counseling employers pre-termination
  • Advising employers regarding termination and termination alternatives
  • Drafting and delivering notices of termination
  • Drafting and negotiating severance agreements
  • Representing employers in termination-related litigation and ADR

Representation for Employees

We represent government and private-sector employees in all matters related to the termination of their employment. This includes providing advice and representation regarding:

  • Negotiating severance agreements
  • Investigating instances of suspected wrongful termination
  • Filing claims for discrimination and retaliation
  • Pursuing post-termination litigation and ADR

When Termination is Prohibited

Even in the at-will employment scenario, there will be circumstances in which termination is prohibited. When preparing to terminate an employee or conduct a reduction in force, employers must thoroughly address all pertinent legal considerations in advance so that they can make informed decisions about how, when and if to move forward. If termination is prohibited under the circumstances at hand, then it will be necessary to pursue an alternative course of action. Our lawyers can explain everything you need to know, and they can help you take appropriate action in response to the circumstances presented.

Contact the Employment Lawyers at Pierce / Jewett

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