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In an ideal workplace, all employees would be professional and collegial in their interactions. Too often, however, employees suffer through sexually charged comments, unwanted touching, sexual advances, or other inappropriate conduct.

This form of sexual harassment is known as a hostile work environment. You may have already reported this conduct to a supervisor or your company’s human resources department. If this conduct persists, or if you have been retaliated against for making a complaint, it is vital to work with insightful, knowledgeable attorneys.

At The Labor and Employment division of Pierce Jewett, we have made it our mission to protect the rights of people who have suffered all types of outrageous conduct in the workplace. Based in Norfolk and serving people across the area, we represent people in hostile work environment claims.

Virginia Beach Attorneys Taking On Hostile Work Environment Claims

While hostile work environment claims often refer to sexual harassment, these cases can also involve any type of offensive or outrageous conduct based on race, sex, disability, or placement in a protected class.

Generally speaking, the more pervasive and outrageous the conduct, the more likely a hostile work environment claim will be successful. Further, if a manager or supervisor is the person who is committing the offensive acts, courts generally view this conduct as more serious. Under the law, any person claiming a hostile work environment must show that the offensive conduct changes the conditions of his or her employment.

Employers do have certain defenses to a hostile work environment claim. For instance, if the employer can show that the employee failed to take reasonable steps to report the situation and can show that it took reasonable care under the circumstances, the employer may be able to escape liability.

In many cases, however, an employer will claim that it took reasonable care, when in fact it conducted an incomplete or perfunctory investigation. With many years of experience, our Norfolk hostile work environment lawyers know how to overcome these challenges. We give our clients the best possible chance to obtain a just outcome with our skills in:

  • Investigation
  • Negotiation
  • Litigation

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