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State employees in Virginia have the opportunity to challenge a termination, disciplinary action, or other adverse action through the Virginia Office of Employment Dispute Resolution Department of Human Resource Management. If you are a state employee and have been terminated, it is vital to hire an employment attorney in Virginia with an instinctive understanding of these procedures.

At The Labor and Employment division of Pierce / Jewett, our Norfolk-based law firm has successfully represented state employees in all types of employment actions. We are prepared to take the necessary steps to ensure that your voice is heard loudly and clearly.

We have:

  • A record of success representing employees through State EDR proceedings
  • An understanding of the grievance process, knowing that it is often complex and arduous
  • The expertise to be at your side from beginning to end

Serving State Government Employees Across The Region

Virginia state employees who have been terminated based on unsatisfactory job performance or are subject to discipline have an automatic right to a hearing to challenge the action. Our law firm can represent you in the administrative hearing, as well as the complicated appeals process.

Over our firm’s history, we have been successful at overturning terminations before both state and local government boards.

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